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Everything I publish here is free for use by anyone for any purpose as long as it does not violate any laws. The swisseph packages are a port from the C programming language to Java of a planetary calculation package from (Astrodienst Zürich). The license of the original package applies for this port to Java as well.
I packed the download files for Unix with tar and bzip2 (*.tar.bz2) or with tar and gzip (*.tar.gz) and for DOS / Windows / OS/2 with zip.

  • A port of the Swiss Ephemeris library of AstroDienst Zürich to Java, 12th of August 2015.


    or as zip archive:
    Attention: Have a quick look into the README file, as you have to "precompile" the sources with before use!

    Ready to use JAR archives:

    Including transit routines, JPL, swisseph, and Moshier calculation routines.

    To be used with JavaME. Requires CLDC 1.1 or newer.

    Sample programs, ports:

    Sample programs on the use of the swisseph library, e.g. use in Android and others.
    A port of the transit routines to C#.


    swisseph-2.01.00 API online documentation

    You will want to look at the SwissEph class as the main class.
    The API documentation for this library as download.

    Changes in this port since swisseph-1.61.01-java-src-00:


    An indian Panjika (astro-calendar program) for JavaME mobiles. It uses this java Port.

  • angelsrc-00.tar.bz2 (44,122 bytes) (70,229 bytes)
    (June 12, 2001) A heavily specialized version of the swisseph-1.61.02-java package for use in (Jyotish-) applets:
    • SWIEPH calculations only (no JPL or MOSHIER)
    • Just the main planets from sun to uranus / neptun / pluto plus calculation of ascendent
    • Access to datafiles via http only
    • Siderical calculations with Lahiri ayanamsha only

  • (382,280 bytes (use for Windows)) (353,633 bytes)
    jyotish-0.21a-bin.tar.bz2 (317,894 bytes)

    You should update to at least version 0.19e if you use 0.19d (or below)!

    (December 14, 2002) A small (concerning features) Jyotish-program in Java.

    The jyotish.jar Version contains just a jar-archive, which can be started in Windows (with Java 1.2 and above?) just by double clicking on its icon. The other two versions contain the *.class files. They can be started via java Jyotish (this is not nice on Windows).

    It's in an eternal state of testing and trying... Program without source code.

    And here you can test it as a Java applet - Attention: It's about 150 kByte!


    The list of changes from jyotish-0.18n onwards.

  • Geographical coordinates for some european countries. This project has moved to or

  • P-0.8m-1.0.0.latin-1.bz2 (16,578 bytes for Unix) (21,364 bytes for DOS / Windows / OS/2)

    (June 8, 2001) A list of about 1300 towns in Portugal with the coordinates of their geographic location on earth. The character encoding of the Unix version is ISO Latin-1 (8859-1), the PC version is encoded in the MS-DOS format.

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